Office of the Clerk

CAN ClerkThe duties and roles of the Clerk.

  1. The Administrative head of the County Assembly.
  2. The Accounting Officer/ Authorized Officer for the County Assembly, Secretary to the CASB
  3. Responsible for all policy and organizational matters relating to the County Assembly    
  4. Responsible in Enhancing public understanding and knowledge of the work of the County Assembly and increasing public accessibility.
  5. Responsible in dealing with External relations including international relations, inter-county assembly relations conferences and protocol.
  6. The Principal Adviser on all County Assembly procedures, practices, convention and traditions to the Speaker of the County Assembly, other Presiding Officer and to all Honorable Members including the Chairman and the County Assembly Management Board.
  7. The Chief advisor to the Speaker in the exercise of all powers and functions that belong to the Speaker and through him to the House.  He acts under authority and takes decisions on admissibility of notices in the name of the Speaker.  Orders passed by the Clerk are the orders in the name of the Speaker and the latter accepts full responsibility for those orders.
  8. Responsible in marshaling all legislative measures passed by the County Assembly.


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