Directorate Of Legal, Legislative and Procedural Services

Wambui Ngunjiri

Director Legal, Legislative and Procedural Services


The Directorate is headed by the Director Legislative Procedure and Legal Services. 

It is charged with the responsibility of handling all legal matters arising in the County Assembly, offering procedural advice during plenary sessions and committee meetings.

The Directorate is composed of four departments, Legal Services, Committee Services, Research Services and Security Services.


Legal Services

  • Drafting of legislative bills proposed by members or Assembly committees;
  • Scrutinizing Assembly bills to ensure they comply and do not contradict the Constitution or any other national legislation;
  • Drawing contracts and legal agreements on behalf of the Assembly;
  • Offering advice on procedure and practice to the Speaker, other presiding officers and members of the County Assembly;
  • Ensuring compliance with the law;
  • Giving of legal opinions on matters before or relating to the County Assembly;
  • Carrying on legal research on matters before the Department;
  • Interpreting and advising the Assembly accordingly on legal matters;
  • Providing any other legal services that may be required by the Assembly, its committees, the Speaker or the Clerk.

Committee Services

  • Assisting committees to investigate and inquire into all matters relating to the assigned departments as they may deem necessary, and as may be referred to them by the Assembly;
  • Assisting and facilitating committees to vet and report on appointments where the Constitution or any law requires the Assembly to approve;
  • Assisting committees to make reports and recommendations to the Assembly as often as possible, including recommendations of proposed legislation;
  • They Make all administrative arrangements for meetings, public hearings, and visits;
  • Preparing briefing materials for the committee;
  • Liaising closely with Members, government departments, the Chapter 15 institutions, including the Auditor General, the Controller of Budget, among others, and the public to ensure the effective inquiry of matters and the timely presentation of reports to the Assembly;

 Research Services

  • Generate and disseminate research information to enhance County Assembly core functions – Law making, oversight and representation.
  • Provide researched analytical information and facts to the Legislature with a view to contribute towards enhanced constitutional principle of separation of power;
  • Provide research services and support to MCAs, House Committees, and Assembly Office holders, that assists them to effectively perform out their constitutional responsibilities;
  • Support the provision of the information needs of the County Assembly through a range of research services and products;
  • Carry out research and assemble sectoral data, and information on comparative aspects of Assembly practice and procedure; evolution, growth and contemporary aspects of the County Assembly;
  • Undertake legislative research and public policy analysis to generate policy briefs and options to sustain evidence-informed decision making in the legislature;
  • Build a credible data bank for reference and timely response to County Assembly’s information needs.
  • Forge and maintain mutually beneficial networks and linkages with research and policy analysis institutions at national, regional and international levels; and
  • Initiate anticipatory research and contribute to publications on contemporary and topical issues relevant to the work of the legislature.

Security Services

  • Maintain custody of the mace;
  • Ensure protective security for all persons and property and advises the Speaker and the Clerk on the same;
  • Performs chamber and ceremonial duties like leading the Speaker’s procession
  • Organizes educational tours and visits to the Assembly;
  • Enforce and implement the Speaker’s orders and other directives;
  • Allocate office accommodation to Members of County Assembly and staff and committee rooms to committees;
  • Ensure fire prevention and safety of the facilities;
  • Ensure compliance with occupational health requirements/standards;
  • Access control management;
  • Crowd management;
  • Ensure desirable housekeeping standards;
  • Maintain decorum within the precincts of parliament;
  • Disaster preparedness and mitigation;
  • Investigating incidents;
  • Disseminates relevant information to members through notice boards;
  • Carries out periodical security surveys; and
  • Conducts institutional risk assessment;

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THE NYERI COUNTY ALCOHOLIC DRINKS CONTROL BILL, 2023 PASSED BY THE ASSEMBLY The County Assembly of Nyeri has this morning approved the Nyeri County Alcoholic Drinks Control Bill, 2023; a Bill seeking to provide for the management, control, licensing and regulation of the production, sale, distribution and consumption of alcoholic drinks and for connected purposes. While moving the motion for third reading of the Bill on behalf of the Chairperson Committee on Legal Affairs, County Public Service and Administration, Hon. Kelvin Kariithi (Youth Representative) said the Committee held public participation fora on diverse dates in all the eight Sub counties of Nyeri County for the purpose of collecting views from the members of the public. He stated that the Committee further held a consultative meeting with all Members of the County Assembly and also received memoranda from 10 stakeholders. Hon. Kariithi added that the views and memoranda received from the various stakeholders and members of the public were considered in accordance with Article 196 of the Constitution of Kenya and Standing Order 123 of the County Assembly of Nyeri Standing Orders. In seconding the third reading of the Bill, the Vice Chairperson of the Committee Hon. Julius Kamiri (Konyu Ward) termed the Bill as timely and emphasized on the need to have the Bill enacted urgently considering the alcohol menace in the County has affected productivity of consumers adding that the control and regulation of alcohol use will help curb the vice.In a sitting chaired by the Speaker Hon. James Gichuhi, the Hon. Members Committed to be at the forefront in the fight against illegal brews reiterating that they are ready to protect the people of Nyeri against dangerous alcoholic drinks. ... See MoreSee Less
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PUBLIC PARTICIPATION ON THE NYERI COUNTY COMMUNITY HEALTH SERVICES BILL,2024The County Assembly of Nyeri Committee on Health Services invites members of the public to attend public participation on the Nyeri County Community Health Services Bill, 2024 today at Wambugu Farm ATC starting at 10.30 a.m. ... See MoreSee Less
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REQUEST FOR STATEMENTS BY AGUTHI- GAAKI AND GAKAWA WARDS REPRESENTATIVES Request for statement by Aguthi- Gaaki Ward MCA Hon. Stanley Ngaru Wakibia over the delays in relocation of Gura-TEAWASCO intake which serves approximately 80% of Tetu Sub County residents. In his statement, the Ward Representative noted that Tetu Aberdare Water and Sanitation Company has been experiencing low water flow from the river, resulting in interrupted water supply to their customers. The House heard that The Company has previously sought the indulgence of the Kenya Tea Development Agency Power Company in ensuring that the intake is relocated in order to be able to supply adequate water to their residents.In response to the statement, the Committee on Water and Sanitation Services should provide;1) A detailed report on the drawbacks of the current intake.2) The reasons for the delays in relocation of Gura-TEAWASCO intake.3) A report highlighting the progress made in relocation of the intake.4) The work plan for the implementation of Gura-TEAWASCO relocation Project, detailing the specific timelines.In a different statement, Gakawa Ward MCA Hon. Charity Wangui Wachira has raised concerns over lack of a Vocational Training Centre (VTC) in Gakawa. The Hon. Member informed the House that learners have to enroll in VTCs in the neighbouring County, Laikipia emphasizing the need for the County Government to set up a Vocational Training Center in Gakawa Ward.The Department of Education should furnish the County Assembly of Nyeri with the following;Why the Department has delayed in establishing a Vocational Training Center in Gakawa Ward and a work plan, detailing the specific timelines for the construction and operationalization of Vocational Training Center in Gakawa Ward. ... See MoreSee Less
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APPROVED BUSINESS FOR THE WEEK COMMENCING ON 27TH AND 28TH FEBRUARY, 2024A. PAPERS LAID1. Report of the Budget and Appropriations Committee on the County Government Intergovernmental Conditional Allocations Transfer Agreement2. Report of the Budget and Appropriations Committee on the County Annual Development Plan 2024/2025Hon. Gibson Wahinya Kuria, Chairperson - Budget and Appropriations Committee3. Report of the Legal Affairs, County Public Service and Administration Committee on the Nyeri County Alcoholic Drinks Control Bill, 2023Hon. Clement Warutere Ndegwa, Chairperson, Legal Affairs, County Public Service and Administration Committee B. MOTIONS1. THAT, pursuant to Standing Order 26 (1), this Assembly resolves to approve the Calendar of the Assembly (Sittings and Recess) for the Third Session of the Third Assembly.2. THAT, the thanks of the County Assembly be recorded for the exposition of public policy as contained in the address of H.E the GovernorHon. James Kanyugo Mwangi, Leader of the Majority Party 3. To adopt the Report of the Budget and Appropriations Committee on consideration of the County Annual Development Plan 2024/2025Hon. Gibson Wahinya Kuria, Chairperson - Budget and Appropriations Committee C. BILLThe Nyeri County Alcoholic Drinks Control Bill (Nyeri County Bills No.4 of 2023)· Second Reading· Committee of the whole County Assembly· Third ReadingHon. Clement Warutere Ndegwa, Chairperson, Legal Affairs, County Public Service and Administration Committee1. Response to Statement by Chairperson of the Committee on Physical Planning, Housing and Urbanization to Hon. Jonah Kamau Taiti, MCA, Kamakwa/Mukaro Ward regarding establishment of the Nyeri County Valuation Court.2. Response to Statement by Chairperson of the Committee on Trade, Tourism and Co-operatives Development to Hon. Sabastian Mugo Theuri, MCA, Wamagana Ward on the risk posed by Strangler Fig Trees on the verge of falling down at Gachatha Market3.Response to Statement by Chairperson of the Committee on Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries to Hon. Sabastian Mugo Theuri, MCA, Wamagana Ward on the outbreak of an unknown cow disease in Wandumbi Sub location ... See MoreSee Less
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