Office of the Deputy Speaker

Unlike the Speaker, he is an elected/nominated Member of the County Assembly. The Deputy Speaker serves several roles in the Assembly. Some of these roles include-

  1. Presiding over the chamber upon request by the Speaker or in the absence of the Speaker.
  2. Chairing the committee of the whole House.
  3. The Deputy Speaker also chairs the Liaison Committee which is the committee consisting of all chairs of the Committee.
  4. He is also a Member of the Speaker’s panel.


The Committee of the whole house is a committee consisting of all members of the County Assembly. It sits during the third reading of passing the Bill. At stage the mace is lowered and the Speaker leaves the sit and the Deputy Speaker takes over as the Chair the committee of the whole House. Due to the special nature of the relationship between the Speaker and the deputy, the two work closely and the Deputy Speaker is considered an integral part of the office of the Speaker.






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