Directorate of Human Resource Management and Administration

CHRPK Josiah Mathenge

Director HR & Adminstration

The Office of the Director of HRM and Administration is charged with providing services, advice and guidelines to ensure the general administration of the Assembly is facilitated.

The Directorate is composed of three departments, Payroll, Administration and Logistics.

i. Formulate, implement, interpret and review appropriate
ii. Human resource management policies, rules, regulations and
iii. Procedures;
iv. Undertake human resource planning;
v. Facilitate recruitment, placement, promotion, training and
vi. Development of staff;
vii. Coordinate Performance Management and Performance
viii. Appraisal;
ix. Handle discipline issues;
x. Manage employee relations;
xi. Administer salary and manage the payroll;
xii. Coordinate staff welfare issues including insurance covers;
xiii. Administer pension;
xiv. Ensure compliance with statutory human resource legislation,
xv. Rules, regulations, policies and procedures;
xvi. Manage human resource records and general registries;
xvii. Ensure health and safety;
xviii. Mainstream key service policies – HIV/AIDS, gender and
xix. Disability issues; and
xx. Process other HR administration issues.

i. Oversee office accommodation;
ii. Manage office services and Administration staff;
iii. Prepare budget for Administration services;
iv. Coordinate acquisition and allocation of occupational tools and
v. Equipment;
vi. Control and monitoring the location and movement of
vii. Equipment;
viii. Oversee daily and weekly cleaning of offices and compound;
ix. Oversee catering services;
x. Ensure safe custody of the County Assembly assets;
xi. Manage central/policy registry;
xii. Provide cross-functional Administration services; and
xiii. Liaise with relevant legal entities to acquire legal documents
xiv. Such as motor vehicle and assets insurances and licenses.

i. Coordinate transport and logistics;

ii. Oversee maintenance and provision of transport;
iii. Oversee Ward Offices operations

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SECTORAL COMMITTEES CONDUCT VETTING FOR THE CHIEF OFFICERS NOMINEES!The County Assembly of Nyeri Sectoral Committees yesterday conducted approval hearings for the 8 Chief Officers Nominees forwarded to the Assembly by Nyeri Governor H.E Mutahi Kahiga. 1. Lucy Ndumba Kiogora- Governor’s Office2. James Gichuki Kiretai- Education3. Wilson Kiiru Maringa- Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries4. Mercy Wanjiku Ngacha- Economic and Planning5. Benard Kiama Kariuki- Water and Irrigation 6. Joel Mwai Gethi- Gender and Social Services7. Adan Edin Ibrahim- Health Services8. Joseph Kanyi King’ori- County Public Service and AdministrationThe Committees will subsequently compile reports on the suitability of Nominees and table them before the Honourable House for adoption. ... See MoreSee Less
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VETTING PROCEEDINGS PLEASE BE NOTIFIED.The County Assembly of Nyeri Committees will vet 8 Nominees for appointment as Chief Officers tomorrow 20th March, 2023 at the County Assembly as per the attached schedule. ... See MoreSee Less
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TRADE COMMITTEE SITE VISIT TO CHAKA MARKETThe County Assembly of Nyeri Committee on Trade & Co-operatives Development Chaired by Iria-ini Ward MCA (Mathira) Hon. David Kabatha conducted a site visit to Chaka Market with an aim to address various challenges facing the traders. Key among them was a concern raised by Thegu- River Ward MCA Hon. Patrick Kanyi seeking its intervention over lack of a sign board directing the customers/ motorists into Chaka market. Hon. Kanyi noted that the traders in Chaka Market have a conducive environment to sell their goods and services. However, their efforts to effectively sell their goods have been fruitless due to lack of a sign post indicating direction as well as guiding the customers and therefore called upon the Trade Committee to deliberate on the matter and ensure a signboard is erected to guide the customers. The Committee will soon compile a report on the various challenges faced by the traders and table its recommendations before the Honourable House. ... See MoreSee Less
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SITE VISIT TO IDENTIFY THE CAUSE OF LAND DISPUTE BETWEEN KABENDERA PUBLIC NURSERY SCHOOL AND DIOCESE OF NYERI TRUSTEES. The County Assembly Committee on Physical Planning, Housing and Urbanization Chaired by Rware Ward MCA Hon. Simon Mbogo conducted a site visit to Kabendera Public Nursery school in Mugunda Ward with an aim to resolve the land dispute between parents of Kabendera public Nursery school and the Diocese of Nyeri Trustees.The site visit was prompted by a petition presented before the County Assembly of Nyeri by parents of Kabendera Public Nursery School and Kabendera Community seeking the interventions of the House to investigate the unclear re- allocation of plot no. Gatarakwa/ GatarakwaBlk 1/199 belonging to Kabendera Public Nursery School and to have the land returned to the rightful owner.In their prayer, the petitioners noted that the aforementioned land has been reserved for Kabendera Public Nursery School since 1987 and that a land search conducted sometime in the year 2000 can confirm the same with the registered owner being the Government of Kenya. Their major bone of contention is that on 10th December, 2020, the aforementioned land was acquired by the Diocese of Nyeri Trustees and a Title Deed was subsequently issued on 14th December, 2020 under very unclear circumstances. They also noted that a land search conducted on 11th January, 2021 indicates that the land changed ownership to the Diocess of Nyeri Trustees.The Committee on Physical planning will soon hold a consultative meeting with the Diocese of Nyeri Trustees in order to facilitate open dialogue, Identify the root of the problem and subsequently table a report with its recommendations before the House. ... See MoreSee Less
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