Members 1st Assembly


Hon. David Mwangi Mugo

Speaker of the First Assembly

Hon. Joel G. Maina

Deputy Speaker Karatina Ward

Hon. Anthony .M. Kibuu

Majority Leader Gatitu/Muruguru Ward

Hon. Fredrick .K. Ndiritu

Minority Leader, Ruguru Ward

Hon. James .K. Thieri

Majority Whip,Gikondi Ward

Elected Members

Hon. Johnson G Njoroge

Rugi Ward

Hon. John N Mwangi

Kamakwa Mukaro Ward

Hon. John M Kireru

Mahiga Ward

Hon. Stephen M Munuhe

Thegu River

Hon. Jesse M Kamuri

Wamagana Ward

Hon. James K. Muchiri

Iriani-Mathira Ward

Hon. Simon .M. Kiragu

Rware Ward

Hon. Hudson G Chege

Mukurwe-ini Central Ward

Hon. George B Mutahi

Kiganjo Mathari Ward

Hon. Antony M Kanyiri

Mweiga Ward

Hon. Duncan G Kiara

Kabaru Ward

Hon. David N Wangai

Iriani-Othaya Ward

Hon. Bernard M. Kinga

Gatarakwa Ward

Hon. Arthur M Wachira

Konyu Ward

Hon. John .N. Wambugu

Mugunda Ward

Hon. Amos N Kanyai

Gakawa Ward

Hon. Peter .M. Kamau

Mwiyogo-Endarasha Ward

Hon. Edward .M. Ndiritu

Ruringu Ward

Hon. Bernard .M. Mwangi

Mukurwe-ini West Ward

Hon. James .K. Ngunyi

Kirimukuyu Ward

Hon. Paul .M. Ngiria

Chinga Ward

Hon. Peter .K. Kario

Magutu Ward

Hon. Rinyiru .M. Ringera


Hon. Stephen Mwaniki

Dedan Kimathi Ward

Hon. George M. Gichuki

Karima Ward

Nominated Members

Hon. Virginia M Waruta


Hon. Salome W Kago


Hon. Nancy W Gachichio


Hon. Lucy Nyaguthie


Hon. Leah W Wachira


Hon. Keziah Waruinu


Hon. Josephine M Mureithi


Hon. Jecinta Wambui Wamae


Hon. Elizabeth W Njeeh


Hon. Anastacia W Njukia


Hon. Regina W. Macharia


Hon. Joseph K King’ori


Hon. Lucy Wanyitu


Hon. Eva .M. Githaiga


Hon. Salima Uledi


Hon. Zipporah .W. Njithi


Hon. Mary Muraguri


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ASSEMBLY APPROVES SUPPLEMENTARY BUDGET FY/2022/23The County Assembly has approved a supplementary budget for the Financial Year 2022/23 amounting Kshs.7,608,472,106 in line with Section 135, subsection (2) of the Public Finance Management Act, 2012 (PFM Act, 2012) which provides that “a County Government shall submit a Supplementary Budget in support of the additional expenditure for authority for spending”.While tabling a report by the Budget and Appropriations Committee on the Nyeri County First Supplementary Budget for the Financial Year, 2022/2023, the Chairperson Hon. Gibson Kuria (Dedan Kimathi Ward MCA) stated that the recurrent expenditure amounts to Kshs.5,325,930,474 and development expenditure Kshs.2,282,541,632.The Chairperson said that the supplementary prioritized allocation of funds towards payment of pending bills arising from completed but unpaid works from the financial year 2021/22. Other priority areas budgeted for include provision for ongoing works which were procured but were not completed by the close of the financial year 2021/22. Allocation towards other County Programmes and projects such as Health facilities, solid waste management, procurement of drugs, medical insurance among others were also considered in the supplementary budget.The First Supplementary Budget for the Financial Year 2022/23 was occasioned by; the need to align the approved County budget to the County Allocation of Revenue Act (CARA) 2022 and the County Governments Additional Allocations Act, 2022. It was also to re-appropriate Loans and Grants unspent balances accruing from the financial year 2021/22 for appropriation to the current financial year 2022/23, to allocate funds for payments of pending bills as at 30th June, 2022 and to re-appropriate Equitable Share unspent balance. ... See MoreSee Less
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REQUEST FOR STATEMENT BY GAKAWA WARD MCA ON THE REPAIR AND EQUIPPING OF MURERU SLAUGHTER HOUSEGakawa Ward MCA Hon. Charity Wachira has made a request for a statement on repair and equipping of Mureru Slaughter House. The Gakawa Ward Representative noted that the slaughter house has been serving the entire Kieni East Sub- County however, the facility was recently vandalized with the culprits carting away with all the steel equipment and tools for scrap metal trade thereby rendering it inoperative.Hon. Charity is now requesting for a statement from the Committee on Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries on when the Department will repair and equip Mureru Abattoir to ensure that it is fully operational. The response should provide details on when the department will provide a security Officer to man the slaughter House and when the Department of Agriculture will facilitate installation of a high mast flood light in order to enhance security at the facility.In a different statement, the Hon. Member decried the struggle by Gakawa Ward residents in accessing maternity care services due to incomplete construction works in maternity ward at Gakawa Dispensary. Hon. Charity now wants the County Executive to furnish the House with information on when they will facilitate completion of the maternity ward noting that the women residing in this Ward are in dire need of a maternity ward. ... See MoreSee Less
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SITE VISIT TO ASCERTAIN THE STATUS OF PROJECTS IN KABARU AND NARUMORU WARDSThe County Assembly Committee on Implementation chaired by Chinga Ward MCA Hon. Kiruga Thuku yesterday conducted a site visit to ascertain the status of boreholes and other projects in Kabaru Ward and Narumoru – Kiamathaga Ward .The site visit was occasioned by concerns raised by Kabaru Ward MCA Hon. Patrick Muriuki over incomplete Kimahuri Public ablution and Mitero public borehole. Further, the Committee was on a fact finding mission to gather information on the status of Gitwe Water Project borehole and NARUWASCO Public Borehole in Narumoru/ Kiamathaga Ward as requested by the area MCA Hon. Martin Matu who sought a response on the efforts made to enforce the implementation of these projects.During the site visit, Hon. Kiruga assured the Nyeri residents that the County Assembly of Nyeri through the implementation Committee is committed and determined to ensuring successful implementation of projects and optimal service delivery in the County. He also noted that the Committee will work in consultation with the County Executive and make concerted efforts to ensure uninterrupted progress of projects in all the 30 wards for the people of Nyeri to enjoy quality services as well as achieve value for money. The Committee will soon compile a report and table its recommendations before the House. ... See MoreSee Less
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COUNTY EXECUTIVE TASKED TO FACILITATE INSTALLATION OF CCTV CAMERAS IN COUNTY HEALTH FACILITIESThe County Assembly of Nyeri has this afternoon approved a motion moved by Hon. Agnes Wanjiku (Gender Representative) seeking the County Executive Committee Member (CEC) in charge of Health Services to facilitate installation of Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) surveillance cameras in all units within the County Health Facilities in order to increase security as well as enhance service delivery in the hospitals.While moving the motion, Hon. Wanjiku emphasized the need for surveillance cameras adding that they promote monitoring of the use of hospital equipment and supplies. She added that it provides evidence that protects staff against deceitful claims, monitors the custody of infants at the nurseries and after childbirth wards.The mover said that CCTV surveillance cameras enhance monitoring of movement of patients within the facility, monitoring of service provision by healthcare givers and the movement of individuals in and out of the facility among others.In a sitting chaired by the Speaker Hon. James Gichuhi, the House resolved that the CEC in charge of Health Services issues guidelines on confidentiality, use and location CCTV surveillance cameras in the County Health Facilities. ... See MoreSee Less
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