Strategic Plan

County Assemblies came into existence following the implementation of the Constitution of Kenya 2010. Just like for all other Assemblies, this is the third Assembly of the Nyeri County. The following are emerging issues that inform this Strategic Plan:

  1. Increased public expectations and focus on Counties as service delivery units with demands on Assemblies to legislate for service delivery.
  2. Need to provide a secure and conducive working environment (chamber, offices, committee rooms and other facilities).
  3. Need to reach out and educate the public to appreciate the role of the Assembly.
  4. Need to establish and align the organizational units for efficiency and increase staff capacity to meet current and future workload and challenges.
  5. Need to effectively manage land and other natural resources.
  6. Push for improved governance and social accountability by the political leadership.
  7. Capacity building needs.

To download the complete strategic plan, pdf click here (5.84 MB)

From the emerging issues identified above, strategic objectives to be achieved in the Planning period have been developed and strategies to be implemented to achieve the objectives. Specific activities to be implemented are provided with details of responsible officers/ offices in section 3.3 of the detailed Plan and is available for download.

  • To strengthen the capacity of the Members of the County Assembly (MCAs) to make laws, exercise oversight and represent the people well
  • To develop staff capacity to support MCAs in their work
  • To develop and enhance physical infrastructure to provide a good and secure working environment
  • To strengthen research and information services for MCAs
  • To enhance usage of ICTs to support Assembly operations
  • To enhance and sustain financial resources mobilization and management.
  • To develop strong public education and outreach activities.
  • To build partnerships with other institutions with similar objectives.
  • To develop of an ethical working environment with good governance
  • Conflict Management Resolution at the County Assembly and Government.

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