Speaker’s Mandate


The Office of the Speaker draws its mandate primarily from article 178 of the constitution which establishes the speaker as the Head of the County Assembly responsible for presiding over the County Assembly.

The office of the Speaker also draws its mandate from County Government act and the Standing orders which spell out others duties which the Speaker performs to include;

  • Presiding over and guiding the sittings of the County Assembly (Article 178(2) of the Constitution) according to the provisions of the Standing Orders and in a fair and judicial manner.
  • Convene a regular session of the County Assembly as specified in the Assembly calendar.
  • Chair the County Assembly Service Board (Section 12(3)a of the County Government Act).
  • Chair the County Assembly Business Committee. (Standing Orders) coordinating the development of the Assembly programme.
  • Forwarding of Bills passed by the County Assembly to the Governor for assent (Section 24 of the County Government Act).
  • On a resolution being made to impeach the Governor, Communicate to the Speaker of the Senate on the same.
  • Take personal responsibility for the reasonable foreseeable consequences of any actions or omissions arising from the discharge of the duties of the office. (Leadership and Integrity Act).
  • On suspension of the County Government, cause a motion for the suspension of the county government to be laid before the Senate.
  • Generally, the link between the County Assembly and National Assembly/Senate.
  • During the life of the County Assembly, administer oath or affirmation of allegiance of a newly elected or nominated member with the assistance of the Clerk.
  • Issue orders for the better carrying out of the County Assembly for authentication by the Clerk.
  • Issues directions to regulate the conduct of members whilst in the precincts of the County Assembly.
  • Approves Notice of Motion to be tabled before the Assembly and determining when Bills are debated and voted on.
  • Puts questions/ propose question.
  • Recognizing and Calling out members to speak on the Assembly floor during debates.
  • Giving rulings in the Assembly about house procedures and also deciding on matters not provided for in the County Assembly of Nyeri Standing Order based on the Constitution of Kenya, statute law and the usages, forms, precedents, customs, procedures and traditions of the County Assembly of Kenya and other jurisdictions to the extent that these are applicable to Kenya.
  • Maintaining order in the County Assembly and in the Committee of the whole County Assembly.
  • Preserving order and decorum within the Assembly, public gallery and press gallery.
  • Appoint a day when it is necessary to hold a special sitting and notify all members of the County Assembly of the place, date and time appointed for the special sitting.
  • Report on messages from the Senate or Governor to the County Assembly.
  • In the case where the County Appropriation Bill for a financial year has not been assented to by the beginning of a financial year, the County Assembly may authorize the withdrawal of money from the County Revenue Fund. The authorization to withdraw from County Revenue Fund should be communicated to the CEC Finance by the Speaker.
  • In cases where a member raises doubt as to the content of the verbatim record of the County Assembly, the Speaker is responsible for making a determination.
  • Direct any matter which in his opinion is secret or purely personal to be excluded from the journals of the County Assembly and from the verbatim report of the proceedings of the County Assembly.
  • Review the verbatim reports of all proceedings of the county Assembly and approve the same for publishing in the County Assembly website

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THE COUNTY ASSEMBLY PROCEEDS FOR LONG RECESS UNTIL TUESDAY 14TH FEBRUARY, 2023The House has adjourned in accordance to the County Assembly Standing Order 26(3) which states that on a day when the County Assembly is scheduled to adjourn to a day other than the next normal sitting day in accordance with the County Assembly calendar, the Leader of the Majority Party or the Leader of the Minority party or another Member of the County Assembly Business Committee shall move a motion of adjournment which shall be debated for more than two hours after which the County Assembly shall adjourn without question put. The motion was approved by the House and the Assembly stands adjourned till Tuesday 14th February, 2023. ... See MoreSee Less
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